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Welcome to Surrey Music!

Our mission is to bring people together from all walks of life who share the same passion – music!   We value the spirit of service and a strong community focus. We encourage teamwork and collaboration to support our fellow members across the Society, learning from each other and sharing our knowledge in the true spirit of community. Below are some guidelines to help you get the most from your membership of Surrey Music.


Surrey Music is managed by an appointed Management Board which oversees the strategic planning for both choirs, including (but not limited to) concert and performance planning, publicity and PR, Membership, charity support and social events.  Each choir has a Membership Officer and a Choir Representative to ensure decisions are shared with all members.  Ideas and suggestions from members are warmly welcomed and encouraged.


As we are continually learning new music, it is important that you endeavour to attend rehearsals on a regular basis.  You should ensure that you sign the register at each attendance, making note of any future rehearsal or concert absences. Members who have difficulty attending regular rehearsals may be asked to step down to make space for someone on our waiting list.  We check attendance through our registers and any member with less than 75% attendance, without good reason, may put their membership in jeopardy.  Anyone having difficulty with rehearsal attendance should speak to their choir Membership Officer or the Chief Membership Officer.  Any sensitive information is treated as confidential.


Members are required to attend the four consecutive rehearsals prior to performing in a concert.  We take pride in our commitment and quality of our performances and we want to make sure that the concerts, under the banner of Surrey Music, are the very best that they can be.  Participation in concerts is at the discretion of the choir Musical Director.

Sheet Music

All sheet music given out at rehearsals is the property of Surrey Music and should be returned to the choir Librarian when leaving the Society.  For this reason please make sure that all sheet music is kept in good condition and only use pencil when marking up and making notes.  There may be a charge for the replacement of any lost music.  No music may be sold or loaned to any third party. Our official black concert folders should be used by all members at concerts and may be purchased from the choir librarian.


The annual subscription is reviewed every year and is not transferable or refundable.  Membership should be renewed timeously as membership is automatically lapsed.

Terms of Membership

The Society has clear guidelines relating to membership and the termination of membership which can be viewed here


The Society complies with GDPR regulations. A copy of our Privacy Notice and Policy is available here

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